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Title Map for "Behind the Lines" series by Bill Horne
Artist's Statement

Exhibition at Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, BC January-April 2016
Partial installation view at Workers Arts & Heritage Centre exhibition, Hamilton, Ontario, January - May, 2009.

Letter from the Hon. Michael Wilson, former Minister of Industry, Science, Technology and International Trade, concerning NAFTA.

Grey Flannel Softwood Dispute Panel
Letter from the Hon. Roy McLaren, former Minister for International Trade, concerning NAFTA.

Promises, Promises
1992 letter from the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien, as Leader of the Opposition, concerning the Goods and Services Tax.

Meares Island Cedar
Letter from the Hon. Dan Miller, former BC Minister of Forests, concerning the export of raw logs.

St. Lawrence River Blues
Letter from the late Jean Drapeau, former Mayor of Montréal, concerning pollution in the St. Lawrence.

Foiled Again
Letter from Brian Tobin, former Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, concerning the Kemano Completion Project.

Encouraging Words
Letter from Elijah Harper expressing thanks for support during the Meech Lake debate.

Lacrosse Rules
Letter from the office of the late Premier Robert Bourassa concerning the Oka crisis.

Burnt Church Bark
Letter from the Hon. Herb Dhaliwal, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, concerning the situation at Burnt Church, New Brunswick.

Enough Words
Letters from the office of the Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, former Minister of Justice, concerning the ongoing imprisonment of Leonard Peltier, American Indian Movement activist extradited from Canada in 1976 with the use of false affidavits.

Mr. and Mrs. Tuberosum
Letter from the Hon. Alan Rock, Minister of Health, concerning genetically engineered foods.

Leaden Prose
Letter from the Hon. Pierre Blais, former Minister of Consumer & Corporate Affairs, concerning food irradiation.

Letter from the Hon. Benoit Bouchard, former Minister of Health, concerning the marketing of "kiddie packs".

External Affairs
Letter from the Dept. of External Affairs concerning Canadian investment in Indonesia during its murderous occupation of East Timor.

Pulling the Wool Over
Letter from the Australian High Commission concerning Australia's relationship with Indonesia vis à vis East Timor.

Words of Gold (speech)
Title page of speech by former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Brian Mulroney explaining Canada's policy during the Gulf War.

Words of Gold (2 Letters)
Letter from the former Prime Minister on the
Gulf War.

Northern Lights
Letters from the Hon. Bill Rompkey, former MP for Labrador, and Dept. of National Defence, concerning NATO flight tests in Labrador.

Major Vessels
Letter from BC Ferries concerning an anti-nuclear "guerrilla media" project aimed at Trident submarine traffic.

Postage Due
Letter from the Hon. David Dingwall, former Minister for Canada Post, concerning contracting out Canadian postage stamp design and printing outside the country.

Canada Customs
Letter from the Department of Revenue, Customs and Excise, regarding seizures of gay and lesbian books.

Universal Suffrage Classroom
Letters from various MPs concerning young people having the vote.

Special Permit Class
Letter from the Minister of State concerning the refusal of the Canadian government to admit entry to Jewish refugees aboard the S.S. St. Louis in 1939.

Residential tabernacle
Letters from the Archdiocese of Vancouver and the Bishop of Prince George concerning native residential schools.

Canada Lived Here
Letter from Susan Mitton, former Executive Director of CBC Radio, concerning the axing of the CBC Radio Orchestra.

Other prints by Bill Horne

prints by Claire Kujundzic