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animation by Bill Horne

"Wall of Change" by Bill Horne
MayDay digital montage
commissioned by Points West Consulting

Reciprocity animation
Quesnel Community Action Fair, April 13, 2002
Collaborative NAFTA mural (acrylic on vinyl) by Claire Kujundzic commissioned by the Canadian Autoworkers
anti-referendum button
Activist art workshop & demo in PG Mar 23, 2002

designs for
BC Teachers Federation
Claire's IWD designs
Day of Remembrance
Claire's commissioned work for the Canada Winter Games 2015

Jack O'Clubs mural 2002
work from 2005-2008
work from 2009-2011
Bill's "Solidarity Series" of photos
protesting arts cuts in British Columbia
work from 2012
work from 2013
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Distribution of the artworks through any means including electronic, is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

MayDay designs