Forest Workers: “Give Back ALL the Gaming Money!
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Forestry workers Michel Bernier and Jerry Krouzel are mad about what the BC government has done with gaming money.

Bernier and Krouzel are currently working on a fuel management and fire protection program near Barkerville Historic Town in BC’s north Cariboo. Both are incensed about the negative impact of the gaming money grab on the hinterland’s culture and economy, because the resource sector provides so much of the province’s revenues.

“That money was meant to go to non-profits and the arts ,” says Bernier. “They should give back ALL of it,” noting that although the government returned some gaming money, many non-profit and arts organizations weren’t eligible. “They didn’t say anything about this during last spring’s election.”

“Non-profits and arts groups are very important, especially in small communities in the hinterland, but they’re fragile. This funding can make or break them,” said Krouzel.

As one local example, gaming money has made up more than 10% of Island Mountain Arts annual budget in Wells. Its Board is now struggling to make up the shortfall or cut its programming.

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