Claire Kujundzic's art magnet catalogue      





A hug for Elizabeth

Red shoes

Around the neighbourhood


Around the neighbourhood at night

Skating on the lake

Autumn in Wells

Some girls fly, others do research

Big girl in a small town

Some girls fly, others flap their legs

Big tree with grumpy girls

Some girls fly, others wallow in indecision

Big tree with grumpy girls at night

Some girls fly…

Birches and birdhouse

Strange rain #1

Boogie in the boat

Strange rain #2

Branching out


Considering the consequences

Sunflower at night

Dave's canoe


Flying with "New Freedom"

Susan’s chairs

Flying with the flowers


Frequent flyers

Tango in the twilight

Full moon, empty sky

Testing the wind

Driving with the top down

The consultation

Here comes trouble!

Three problems & a solution

Indian Paintbrush

Trail to the meadow

Jeannie's garden

Trouble in paradise: love on the rocks #1

Ladies night out

Trouble in paradise: love on the rocks #2

Ladies night out #3

Tulip trio

Ladies night out #4

Tulips to the wind

Ladies night out #5


Leap before you look


Little mermaids: boogie in the boat

View from the bridge

Little mermaids: quiet time

View of the meadow

Love me, love my body

Watching the street

Mother & daughter

Wells Angels

My co-pilot watches for moose

Wheels give you independence


Winter in the meadow

Northern journey

Wishing woman

Picking tulips at night

Without wings

Playing tag

Woman at the window

Quitting Freelance

Yasmin does the laundry



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