Mushers say gaming money belongs to youth, PACs, arts & sports!

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Cariboo sled dog mushers Danny & Lorraine Kozar want the BC government to give back gaming money to youth, PACs, the arts and sports.

Pictured here near Wells, BC with "Leo" and "Odin", just two of their Alaskan Malamutes, they say they understand why the government has pilfered gaming money.

"There was a social contract about gaming," says Kozar. "It required a portion of lottery and casino monies to go back into communities for non-profits, but the government has broken that contract without any consultation whatsoever."

Total revenues from commercial gaming in BC were approximately $2.61 billion in the last year, and net gaming revenue for the province was about $1.08 billion. Of this, $156.3 million was redistributed to charities, and now, they'll receive much less.

Danny and Lorraine say, "Come on, boys and girls in Victoria - start giving back to our future generations, instead of taking."

Their only access to Wells in the winter is via sled dog or snowmobile.

For further information, contact Bill Horne at Amazing Space Studio, Wells, BC 250-994-2332 mazing at claireart dot ca
photo by Bill Horne

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