Pulp Mill Workers Love BC Music!

Prince George pulp mill worker, Denise Dauvin, loves her tunes and is unhappy about recent cuts to the arts in BC that affect the province’s musicians.

Sara McLachlan is one of my faves,” said Dauvin at the truck dumps, “and she’s right when she says the cuts are a tragedy.”

McLachlan has been speaking out against the cuts in the media recently and has said she thinks “the arts and culture are a huge part of what makes our part of the world vibrant.”

Dauvin likes the music of Roy Forbes, too, and wonders what support there will be for budding musicians who come from far-flung corners of the province like he did (Forbes hails from Dawson Creek). As one example of the current crisis in the arts, Music BC faces cuts to its travel assistance program, operating funds, and the Western Canadian Music Awards.

She believes that music is an essential creative outlet for children, and as important as sports and education in a child's growth and development.

“Why is our government cutting culture at a time when US President Barack Obama has just named 25 artists and educators, to a national arts advisory committee, and the US Congress has increased funding the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities?” asks Dauvin.

“If they think it’s smart to invest in the arts during a recession, why can’t we?”

Dauvin has been a heavy equipment operator at the pulpmill for over seven years.

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photo by Bill Horne

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