Images & messages in solidarity with the arts:


Small town small businesses opposed to HST
Pulp and paper
Sled dog mushers
Train drivers
Backhoe drivers

Bringing back the fire - a cool night out to protest arts cuts and celebrate our culture ;-)

Restore Arts & Gaming Funds stickers (PDFs fit Avery 05214 labels):
(if you need a different format, contact me - native files are in Illustrator)

Restore Gaming Funding - new pages (December 2010)

I started this series to illustrate our interconnectedness at a time when the BC government has made drastic cuts to arts funding,
diverted gaming money from non-profits, and is trying to pit artists against the neediest of society. Funding levels are now among the lowest in Canada. Click here to hear a regional opinion of these policies.

I also wanted to break some insidious stereotypes: of working class people as "red necks" who aren't involved in the arts;
of the arts as inherently "elitist". It seemed like a good time to revive that rusty, but trusty concept of solidarity. Eventually I want to
set up a reflection of solidarity back from artists in various disciplines...

I'm very proud of all the people in these photos, and grateful for their participation in this project.

If you are interested in being in a photo shoot, please contact me via mazing at claireart dot ca. I am particularly interested in
gathering more images of people in industrial trades and resource extraction.

Some kind people suggested that I invite PayPal donations to support this work, since living where I do, it does take a lot of
travel time and gas, as well as image processing and writing. You can now do so here:

If anyone wants to reproduce this or any other photos in this series, please contact me before doing so. In most cases I am happy to give permission, but out of respect for the people in the photographs, I like to check with them first. Thanks!

In the meantime, please check out the links beside the photos and be sure to write your MLA and the Minister demanding
the restoration of arts funding in BC.


Bill Horne, Wells, BC

"Sólo los obreros y los campesinos irán al fin" - Augusto César Sandino

Because the government's cuts are so harsh, yet in the overall budget save them so little, I have to wonder if they are afraid of the arts. Do they fear the critical thinking that young people develop through involvement in the arts? Or is it the sense of connectedness that comes from enjoying a fine piece of music, writing, art or theatre? Inspiration? Maybe they are afraid of joy...
Splash page image: a closeup of Bruce Self's old Studebaker truck door at Tatlayoko Lake: a bit worn, but still solid ;-)

Photographs on Moab's lovely Colorado fiber gloss (9.5" x 6.4" image size on 11" x 8.5"paper) and printed in-house by Bill at Amazing Space available @ $50 each.